What a few of our patients have to say…

K.B., Mason

“If I’m hurting, I just call and ask, ‘Can I come in today?’ and they always say yes.”

“I do payroll work, which means using constant repetitive movements. I knew I was suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, because I’d be driving down the road, and my hands would suddenly go numb. Within five visits to Loveland Chiropractic, I felt a huge difference. The doctors are both very friendly and nice-and I know that each time I walk out of there, I’m going to feel a lot better.”

C.H., Landen

“I was a nonbeliever.”

“Frankly, I’d always thought chiropractic medicine was quackery. During my first visit I even told the doctors right out, ‘Look, I don’t believe in you guys!’ But a friend told me they’d helped her, so when medications were no longer relieving my migraines, I decided to give them a try. Now I’m going in just once a month, I’m off all pain pills except an occasional Advil, and my headaches are much, much better. I feel great.”

J.E., Loveland

“I know what to do now.”

“As a receptionist, I was having problems with my shoulder blades pinching and tightening; that’s apparently where I feel my stress. During the first month I went in three times a week; now I’m down to once a month-so they can manipulate and maneuver things around. I no longer try to balance the telephone on my shoulder, now that I know better.

C.A, Springfield Township

“I thought I was a month away from parking in the handicapped zone!”

“My knees had been stiff for serval months, but suddenly the pain was making it extremely difficult to walk. After only two treatments, I was astonished to find that I could sleep on my side again for the first time in two years without my legs cramping up. Then, gradually, I began to have more ‘good’ knee days. After six weeks with both Dr. Kemmet and Dr. Cullen, I was no longer in any pain at all, and could cut back to one appointment each week. Dr. Kemmet is smart and funny, with a cool bedside manner. Their combination of commitment, modesty and integrity is refreshing. I feel very blessed to have found them.”

L.B., Loveland

“Now I just go in for periodic tune-ups.”

“I’m not one to complain, but I had been in pain for probably 25 years, due to an old injury. I just kept getting out the muscle relaxers and the ice and try to relax. So on day at work I was complaining, ‘I can;t believe my back hurts so bad.’ Someone said, ‘ You really ought to go see these guys in Loveland. They’re great ; they’ll take good care of you.’ Well, a week went by before I got the nerve to call them. They took X-rays-which showed that one hip was higher than the other! I began to feel better within the first month of adjustments. Feeling great took a lot longer, but considering how many years I’d been in pain, I’m very, very pleased. I haven’t had any discomfort at all for several months now. What’s ironic is that I live only a mile away. I drove past them every day for years and never thought to stop. Stupid!”

M.D., Milford

“All I have left now is some minor aching in the morning… but I think I need a new mattress!”

I was involved in an auto accident last December, rear-ended by a box truck. About two days later, my back started killing me. I found out I had a disc bulge in my low back with pain shooting down my leg. The neurosurgeon thought I’d be a good candidate for chiropractic treatments and sent me to Dr. Kemmet. He incorporated some electrotherapy, chiropractic adjustment and massage. I came in three times a week for the first three to four weeks. The first couple times I got adjusted, I was pretty sore. But Dr. Kemmet showed me exercises to strengthen my back muscles, and after about a month I started feeling pretty good. It took about five months, but Dr. Kemmet got me straightened out. BUt the first time I feel a twitch in my back, I’m running back to him!”

M.F., Anderson Township

“My body seems to need this once a week.”

“Diana is wonderful. She just seems able to pull out all of the ‘bad stuff’. She knows exactly where to dig in, where the tough spots are, where to get you! As I lie on he table, she and I carry on long conversations too- so to me it’s like a combination of massage and psychotherapy. We get along great, and when the hour is over, I feel so good. It’s like I could walk out and conquer the world!’

S.G., Clermont County

“They saved me from surgery.”

“When I consulted a physician about my carpal tunnel syndrome, the first thing he said was ‘We should do surgery.’ But, Dr. Kemmet cautioned me, saying that as a diabetic, I needed to be concerned about scar tissue. So he did therapy instead, worked on my arms, stretched everything out, and now my hands and wrists are as good as new. Even the migraines I used to get three or four times each week are a rarity. Dr. Kemmet truly cares about his patients. My life has changed for the better because of them.”

S.H., Withamsville

“It was immediate. I could feel a difference.”

“I’d had back pain pretty regularly ever since I was a teenager. Then one day I was given a massage gift certificate from Loveland Chiropractic. The therapist told me, ‘You probably need to see the chiropractors and find out if they can help your pain stop.’ When I heard the words ‘make it stop,’ I was stunned. It had never occurred to me that was even possible! Within 30 seconds of my first adjustment, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ So for the first two weeks I went in every four days to get readjusted and realigned. With six to eight weeks, the constant nagging ache I’d always felt at the base of my back was gone. At age 25, I now feel better than I have in years.”