Maintenance Care

In years past maintenance care was viewed as something bad in our profession. It had the stigma of something that was unnecessary in regards to your health. After all the insurance companies worked very hard in making the stigma stick in all our minds. The allure is still there to make maintenance care a negative action. However, I would like to point out that some insurance companies today promote the ability to use the visits that they so graciously give any way we want.

Maintenance care is choice that we all require in one shape or another. When we have chronic problems we need to be proactive to work on trying to keep the condition from becoming worse. Maintenance care is one part of the personal program that allows one to have more control over the degenerative process. The other parts to the pie are nutritionally eating better and exercising in a moderate level. Some things we have the ability to work on ourselves and others we need the help of a professional.

From an athletes standpoint there is a high level of need for maintenance care. Our bodies are functioning machines that require a frequent tune up. The tune up allows the frame to continue working at its maximum potential in order to keep on track. Avoiding the structure allows for dysfunction and there for uneven wear and tear on the system. It will fail at some point in time. Maintenance care allows for less physical stress and better operation. Productivity prospers and joint pain and disability are less frequent.

How Can Loveland Chiropractic Help?

Maintenance is a must for two main types of people. If you are an active individual that wants to continue being prosperous throughout the golden years and those people that know they have chronic conditions that need to be monitored.

Let me reiterate that Chiropractic is only one piece of the pie. In my opinion Chiropractic is one third of the equation. The other two thirds of the pie include nutrition and exercise. Nutritionally there needs to be high emphasis on diet and supplementation for what we do not get in our diets. Exercise at a moderate level is very high as well at least three days a week. Stretching is imperative on a daily basis. Other aspects of interest are spirituality and meditation.

Nutritionally we all struggle with finding a way to maintain the path of eating the way our own body needs. This is why our office provides Health Coaching as an avenue for leaning how to structure your personal path to wellness through your diet. Mindy Homan has shown to be an important wealth of knowledge in guiding patience in the office towards finding the path that works for them.