What is FSM?

  • Frequency specific microcurrent is a treatment for musculo-skeletal pain using a two-channel microcurrent device. By attaching multiple channels, the body becomes a polar conductor for the current.


How does it work?

  • Every aspect of our body is composed of cells; from muscles, to bones, to nerves, so on. Each type of cell is water-based yet each has a different chemical composition. Other experiments have demonstrated that any water-based structure is sensitive to reacting to specific frequencies of electrical current.
  • Cells that have been injured (recent or chronic) undergo a chemical change where they can no longer rebalance themselves.
  • The theory behind FSM is that by stimulating each type of cell at their specific reactive frequency, the cell has a chance to remodel and heal.


I have a TENS at home and it doesn’t help, how is this different?

  • TENS units are used at a more superficial level. They contract the muscles, which in turn allows more blood to be pumped to the area for healing.
  • Microcurrent does not create a muscle contraction. They instead send much smaller currents that can work at a deeper cellular level.


Does it hurt?

  • More likely than not, you will barely feel anything. The different frequencies are operating at a level that does not stimulate pain receptors. Most patients report feeling a little warm from the blood circulation throughout the healing area but nothing more.