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What Patients Say

My family are patients of Dr Kemmit's, he has helped all of us to feel better and move more easily. Dr. Kemmit is very interested in helping people. We recommend him highly! Shannon and the other staff members are really great too!

Vincent P.

Dr Kimett and team are excellent care givers. I highly Recommend them.

Michael J.

Dr. Kemmet is awesome, as is the staff. I started seeing him, 4 or 5 years ago, for chronic pain originating from degenerative discs in my neck. I continue to see him, for monthly adjustments, and it has kept me pain free! The staff is also wonderful - They make you feel like family. I would highly recommend Dr. Kemmet if you're considering chiropractic care.

Jill K.

Doc is great. Gentle and knowledgeable and almost always on schedule...thanks again!

Steve B.

Professional, friendly environment with "the" most qualified Chiropractor in the city!

Darrell R

Jeff is the best!! He helped me through years of pain from a rear end collision. If you want your body restored give him a call!!

Patti N.